'criminal dog' 1997

'spirit of the sunshine'
acrylic, collage & LED on wax

by ol mate mango

& Wollongong gallery

 'soul controller'

'the ghost who walks'

'inner space'

Free Brews
with Alex Latham, Janne Atron & Tom Dub

 'still life with banana peel'

'cosmic blues'

'keep punching joe'

'inner space'

'loony town'

'big house blues'

photo by Anna Cuthill

'still life with salt peanuts'

- one for the road -
bottle bag charity show
presented by lord st collective

'fight for your right to party'

 'wolf of lord st'

showdown with Amy Summer @ m2 gallery 



'last donut of the night'


'Banana Peel Blues'

'sofa king'

'Diz & the Bird'

'happy daze' mixed media on paper

- jazz cat with ears & birdhat -

 'still life' 
 @ the National Art School 
photo by Carolina Jensen

'Australian Export' mixed media on cardboard

'Slice of Moon Cheese' mixed media on cardboard

'Cosmic Carrot' mixed media on cardboard & toy packet

- Bug Life -
brought to you by:
freshly baked comics


'live slo die old' colab with Bridge Stehli

photos by Anita Simunovic

'Possessed to Paint' colab with Bridge Stehli 

       'Sofa King'

'Party Animals' colab with Bridge Stehli

'Coffee & Cigarettes' mixed media on paper 

'on the road'

'Peter Kingston at work'